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This month I have picked up the following sets on eBay:

  • Millennium Builder ($29.99 + $14.00 shipping)
  • Master Set ($19.99 + $17.50 shipping)

At this point, I’ve got at least one of each of the base sets that were produced.  Current totals:

  • (1) Starter Set
  • (2) Intermediate Set
  • (4) Master Set
  • (1) Millennium Explorer
  • (1) Millennium Builder
  • (2) Chaos Tower

At this point, I’m only going to buy Master Sets, and the newer sets that include the chain elevator; the older screw elevators aren’t as useful as the chain elevators.

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At this point my collection of Chaos Toy sets is fairly large:  I have a Tower Set, a Starter Set, an Intermediate Set, and two Master sets, plus some miscellaneous parts picked up along the way.  That’s more than 1700 parts, and it fills 3 storage tubs, and then some.  After working with Steve Jackson’s machine and the Penguicon machine, I really appreciate the merits of organization, so I set out to organize my machine (or at least the parts).
more information and pictures after the break

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