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It’s been a slow season for adding more sets to my collection.  There’s been a number of good sets listed, but a surprising number of bidders.  At this point, I’m keeping my bids limited — if someone wants to out-bid me for a set, that’s fine, I’ll bid on the next one.  I’m also keeping my maximum bids lower — I don’t “need” more sets at this point, so I’m not going to run up the prices.

The most recent acquisition is a good example:  the set was originally listed at $50 + $25 shipping, and saw no takers ($75 used vs $155 new).  The seller re-listed it at the same price, but with the “Buy it now or Best offer” option.  I offered $25 instead of $50; he countered with $40; I countered with $30; he accepted.  That’s ~$100 off the new + shipping price.

Recent Acquisitions:

  • Millennium Builder ($10.00 + $14.50 shipping)
  • Chaos Tower ($30.00 + $24.95 shipping)

Current totals:

  • (1) Starter Set
  • (2) Intermediate Set
  • (4) Master Set
  • (1) Millennium Explorer
  • (2) Millennium Builder
  • (3) Chaos Tower

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This month I have picked up the following sets on eBay:

  • Millennium Builder ($29.99 + $14.00 shipping)
  • Master Set ($19.99 + $17.50 shipping)

At this point, I’ve got at least one of each of the base sets that were produced.  Current totals:

  • (1) Starter Set
  • (2) Intermediate Set
  • (4) Master Set
  • (1) Millennium Explorer
  • (1) Millennium Builder
  • (2) Chaos Tower

At this point, I’m only going to buy Master Sets, and the newer sets that include the chain elevator; the older screw elevators aren’t as useful as the chain elevators.

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September’s been a good month for buying used sets from eBay. This month, I’ve bought:

  • Intermediate Set, new in box ($19.90 + $20.67 shipping)
  • Master Set, new in box ($34.99 + $20.00 shipping)
  • Millenium Explorer ($29.99 + $16.00 shipping)

I’ve also seen some Chaos sets on Craigslist, but Edmonds Washington is a long drive from Virginia…

So why keep buying sets?  A couple of reasons:

  1. The biggest limiting factor with the sets seems to be the medium and large tubes; I have plenty of stunts and track, but not enough tubes to build a large framework.
  2. Parts break.  The rubber in the trampolines dries out with age; plastic becomes brittle and snaps unexpectedly.
  3. I hate to see these sets go unused — better to buy them myself than have them go to the rubbish heap.
  4. The used prices are so good, it’s hard to resist them…

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Chaos Toy doesn’t seem to believe in keeping any historical information on their site; once they’ve sold all of their stock on an item, it vanishes, never to be seen again.  If it weren’t for the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, I wouldn’t have nearly as much information about the older sets and parts.  The Internet Archive works by scanning websites and archiving as many publicly accessible pages as possible.  If you don’t want your site scanned, you can use the robots.txt file, but by default, it will scan and archive everything.  After 6-14 months it will appear in the archives.

You can see all of the archived copies of the Chaos Toy website here. Some of the better ‘leaping off’ points for Chaos Toy information are:

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I just won another eBay auction for a used Tower set; $43.25 + $19.10 shipping — not a bad deal compared to $120 + $23.26 for a new one. Hopefully it will arrive in time for TCEP so that I can have multiple chain lifts. (Only the Tower sets use the chain elevator — all of the older sets use a screw elevator.)

All told, eBay has been very good to me when shopping for used Chaos Toy sets. Most of the sets have been in good condition (though not necessarily complete). Some of the sets have had extra pieces (which means that originally there were multiple sets that got combined and munged). The Intermediate set cost me $6.50 plus shipping — an excellent price compared to its original price of $100; each of the Master sets cost me about $30 (plus shipping) which compares well with the original $135 price tag.

Most of the sellers have (IMO) been underpricing their sets, but there’s one seller who has been overpricing: he’s got a single Starter Set (original price: $60) that he listed for $89.99 OBO, then $69.99 OBO, and now it’s listed at $39.99 OBO. In the meantime, larger sets have been listed and sold for much better prices.

[Edit: Now the price has dropped to $29.99 OBO; still not worth it for me, but maybe someone else will find it useful.  In the meantime, my new Tower Set has arrived and is in good condition.]

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