Rented a van to haul the machine to Laurel, Maryland, for Tad and Craig’s Excellent Party 17.

Friday night I set up the framework and elevators before dinner, then started working on track after dinner.  After assessing the space, I went with a lightning bolt, set diagonally along a wall, which left most of the room for gaming.  The elevators were at the center corners of the machine, with their catch tracks running to the opposite ends of the machine   I didn’t make as much progress as I might have liked, due to the assistance of two cute little redheaded girls.

Saturday morning I finished tying one side together with a triple loop-de-loop and a complex trampoline, which gradually drew in kids and parents, along with a couple of other like-minded souls.  By 2pm it was going well enough that I felt I could take a break; when I came back around 5:00, the machine had evolved.

Sunday featured more gradual evolution and bug hunting, mostly by the kids but with help from some of the adults.  I mostly looked in on it between running a LARP and an INWO event.

Monday morning I tweaked a couple of rough spots, which drew in more helpers — I may have convinced a couple of parents to go hunting for used sets on eBay for their kids.  Monday afternoon we broke down the machine and packed it back into the van for the trip home.

All-in-all, another successful outing.

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