Carrie and I went to Durham, North Carolina, last week for the ShopBot Jamboree and MakerFaire:NC.  We rented a van, loaded it with the chaos machine, and drove down Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday was a day-long “Introduction to ShopBot” course, designed to give people a feel for using CAD/CAM with a ShopBot.

Friday and Saturday morning comprised the Jamboree, and there were lots of presentations on what you can do (and others have done) with a ShopBot.  In general this was fun and interesting, though a couple of the speakers should be working for insomnia clinics.

Saturday afternoon, the ShopBot folks cleared out and the MakerFaire folks moved in.  That was my cue to start setting up the Chaos Machine.

Saturday evening there was a reception for the Makers at The Scrap Exchange.  It was a neat place filled with all sorts of junk waiting to be repurposed, at low-low prices.  Carrie bought so much art-makings that she needed to buy a storage bin just to bring it all home.

Sunday was the MakerFaire — a long day, but lots of fun.  Read all about it here:  MakerFaire:NC 2010.

Monday we drove home again, in time for Ludus.

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