I’ve been asked to show the Chaos Machine at the North Carolina Maker Faire, in Durham, NC, on Sunday, April 25th.  Normally that would be a long way to go for a one-day show, but as it happens, Carrie and I will be attending the 2010 ShopBot Jamboree, which is being held at the same location, Friday and Saturday (April 23-24).

Given the space available, I’m only going to be able to take a fraction of the machine (maybe a third) but I hope to have enough to make it fun to play with for everyone.

After further discussion with Carrie, we’re renting a van for the trip, so I’m going to see about taking the full machine.  I’ve talked with the show organizers, and I should be able to get a larger than average place to set up, and will be able to do the setup Saturday evening, so that the machine is doing “interesting things” all day Sunday.

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