It’s been a slow season for adding more sets to my collection.  There’s been a number of good sets listed, but a surprising number of bidders.  At this point, I’m keeping my bids limited — if someone wants to out-bid me for a set, that’s fine, I’ll bid on the next one.  I’m also keeping my maximum bids lower — I don’t “need” more sets at this point, so I’m not going to run up the prices.

The most recent acquisition is a good example:  the set was originally listed at $50 + $25 shipping, and saw no takers ($75 used vs $155 new).  The seller re-listed it at the same price, but with the “Buy it now or Best offer” option.  I offered $25 instead of $50; he countered with $40; I countered with $30; he accepted.  That’s ~$100 off the new + shipping price.

Recent Acquisitions:

  • Millennium Builder ($10.00 + $14.50 shipping)
  • Chaos Tower ($30.00 + $24.95 shipping)

Current totals:

  • (1) Starter Set
  • (2) Intermediate Set
  • (4) Master Set
  • (1) Millennium Explorer
  • (2) Millennium Builder
  • (3) Chaos Tower

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