September’s been a good month for buying used sets from eBay. This month, I’ve bought:

  • Intermediate Set, new in box ($19.90 + $20.67 shipping)
  • Master Set, new in box ($34.99 + $20.00 shipping)
  • Millenium Explorer ($29.99 + $16.00 shipping)

I’ve also seen some Chaos sets on Craigslist, but Edmonds Washington is a long drive from Virginia…

So why keep buying sets?  A couple of reasons:

  1. The biggest limiting factor with the sets seems to be the medium and large tubes; I have plenty of stunts and track, but not enough tubes to build a large framework.
  2. Parts break.  The rubber in the trampolines dries out with age; plastic becomes brittle and snaps unexpectedly.
  3. I hate to see these sets go unused — better to buy them myself than have them go to the rubbish heap.
  4. The used prices are so good, it’s hard to resist them…

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