Back in March I put together a small chaos machine to use as a test-bed for the work I was doing on the Chaos Controller. At one point I made a short video and uploaded it to YouTube; here it is:

The chain lift carries balls up to the top of the machine, after which they hit a pendulum switch and go either right or left. If they go right, they hit a xylophone key, then go down a steep slope to the loop-de-loop. If they go left, they get dropped onto a trampoline, and then bounced into a catch basket. Either way, they end up on the catch track at the bottom, and return to the chain lift.

You’ll notice that during the video, several of the balls leave the track. That’s because the loop-de-loop in my set was warped — it’s pinched together at the top of the loop, causing balls to either stick, drop, or fly off the track. Now that I have several sets, this won’t be a problem.

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